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The main production plant of tomato concentrate paste in Chile, belonging to the Agroindustrial Business Division of Empresas Carozzi.

Established in 1989, in Teno Chile, it produces and exports Tomato Paste, Concentrates or fruit pulps: apple, pear, peach, damask, plum as well as other concentrated vegetables.

In 2014, it inaugurated the new AJC plant, Apple Concentrate Juice and Apple Aroma.

By 2018, this is the plant with the highest productive capacity of tomato concentrate and fruit pulps from the Southern Hemisphere.


Chile is the main producer and exporter of apples, pears, peaches and other Mediterranean fruits of the Southern Hemisphere,

with a season that goes from December to May of each year.

We manage directly Tomato, Apple, Pear, Peach, Damascus, Plum and other fruits and vegetables harvest, in a surface on 12,000 hectares, controlled and monitored directly by a complete agricultural team, during the whole cycle.We have a 100% traceability from the soil to the final product (tomato paste, fruit concentrate and concentrated juices), strictly complying with the global standards for the use of fertilizers and pesticides, all monitored by our own and external laboratories.


La planta está ubicada 174 km al sur de Santiago, en el valle central de Chile. Una superficie de 7580 m2 construidos, en una sola planta, 1500 MT capacidad diaria de proceso con tecnología de punta para fabricación de Concentrados de Fruta; con líneas independientes para Pasta de Tomate, Concentrados de Fruta, y Jugo de Manzana, respectivamente. 5 evaporadores Rossi & Catelli de 4 efectos, con dos equipos Apollo, preconcentradores de apoyo, para la elaboración de la pasta concentrada de tomate. Evaporadores Catelli complementados con tecnología Bertocchi Cold Process para la elaboración de Purés Concentrados de Fruta. Lineas Unipektin Tecnologia Suiza, para elaboración de Jugo Concentrado de Manzana.
Located 175 km south of Santiago, in the heart of the production of tomatoes and fruits of Chile.
  • As producers and processors, we have 37,580 m2 built in three interconnected plants (tomato paste, fruit concentrates and clarified juices), with a total area of 750.000m2 (75 Ha).
  • 1500 MT daily process capacity with las generation technology for the manufacture of Fruit Concentrates, with separate lines for Tomato Paste, Fruit Concentrates and Apple Juice respectively.
  • 5 Rossi & Catelli evaporators (Parma-Italy) of 4 articles, pre-concentrators support by Apollo equipment, for the elaboration of concentrated tomato paste.
  • Catelli Evaporators complemented with Bertocchi technology – Cold Process for the elaboration of Concentrated Fruit Purees.
  • Unipektin Lines of Swiss Technology, for the elaboration of Apple Juice Concentrate.


Chile posee una amplia red de Tratados de Libre Comercio, a partir de los años 90, que hoy nos permiten entrar libremente y sin pago de impuesto aduanero, a más del 90% del comercio mundial. Contamos con acuerdos tales como:<br>Chile - CEE (Europa)<br>Chile - NAFTA (USA, Canada, Mexico)<br>Chile - LATAM (Central & South America)<br>Chile - APEC (China, Japan, Korea )<br>Chile - Caricom
Chile is one of the countries most open to world trade, it has an extensive network of Free Trade Agreements,

from the 90s, which today allow us to enter freely, without import taxes. (0% Duty) to more than 90% of world trade, thanks to the multiple trade agreements signed with the main blocks of the world.

We have agreements such as:

  • Chile – EEC (Europe)
  • Chile – NAFTA (USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • Chile – LATAM (Central & South America)
  • Chile – APEC (China, Japan, Korea, etc.)
  • Chile – Caricom (Caribbean countries)