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Agrozzi, supplier of Tomato Paste and Fruit Concentrates from Chile

Agrozzi Plant

Agrozzi - Mercofood - Planta
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Agrozzi, founded in 1989, the Agroindustrial division of Carozzi Companies, is the undisputed leader in agro-industrial production of Tomato Concentrate and Concentrated Puree (30/32° Brix) of Apple, Pear, Peach, as well as Apple Concentrated Juice (70/71° Brix), supplying major worldwide industries dedicated to the manufacturing of Tomato Sauces, Fruit Juices, and Nectars.

Agricultural Chile

Agrozzi - Mercofood - área agricola
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Chile, a fruit-producing country and an agri-food powerhouse, is the main supplier of various fruit products worldwide. It is currently the largest exporter of Mediterranean fruit in the southern hemisphere (harvests extending from January to May). With over 12,000 hectares of crops under control and 100% traceability, supported by International Quality Certifications.


Agrozzi - Mercofood - Capacidad productiva
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The plant is strategically located in the heart of tomato and fruit production. We have 38,000 m2 of interconnected facilities in three plants for the production of Tomato Concentrate, Concentrated Fruit Puree, and Apple Concentrated Juice (AJC). We have a processing capacity of 12,000 tons of raw material per day, using state-of-the-art technology.
12.000 toneladas de materia prima por día, con tecnología de última generación.

Chile as Trading Partner

Agrozzi - Mercofood - Socio comercial
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boasts an impressive trade openness through an extensive network of free trade agreements, providing access to more than 90% of the world's trade free from import duties.
Some of the standout agreements include:
- EU-Chile Association Agreement
- Chile-Central America FTA
- Chile-US FTA
- Chile-China FTA
- Chile Apec FTA
- Chile Mercosur FTA



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